Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our vision and objective here in Chelmsford City, Essex is to foster a cohesive community that is representative of our diverse society. To this end - and by God's grace and mercy - we are working hard to establish a new Islamic Centre that meets the needs of all the members of our multifarious community, for it to be a welcoming and safe place for all and to be a beacon for the next generation of Muslims in other communities - and which stands as a testament to the beauty and grace of Islam for our non-Muslim neighbours.

By God's permission, we need your help to do this → to build a beautiful house of God so that the next generation of Muslims will have a modern and purpose-built place to worship, to learn, grow, meet and to support one another in doing good and to act as a pillar of light for those who may be spiritually lost or are seeking a way back to the Sirat Al-Mustaqim.


Chelmsford Mosque/Jamia Masjid started with humble beginnings as an attic donated in the city centre over 40 years ago. In 1980 the land next to the mosque was bought by the close knit community for £200,000 to become the two-storey building it is today. May God bless all those that were involved.

In 2015, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Chelmsford was granted city status. Since then, the community has been steadily growing duty to families moving to the city in pursuit of a better quality of life, better schooling and a generally safer and calmer environment for children.

We now hold two Jumma Prayers on Friday and four Eid prayers - and have very limited space for Sisters and a lack of adequate space for children's education. We also lack basic community facilities, youth facilities and have no funeral facilities.

Planned Facilities

The new two storey, 1000 m2 purpose-built eco-friendly Mosque and Islamic Centre will include:

  • Prayer facilities for up to 1000 worshippers
  • Full wheelchair access and facilities for the disabled
  • Art exhibition, library, and interfaith room for Dawah
  • Meeting rooms
  • Imam/guests residence
  • Separate brothers’ and sisters’ ablution areas and prayer facilities
  • Hall hiring and wedding services
  • Funeral services
  • Children’s and adult classes (Arabic, Tajweed, Tafsir, Fiqh, IT, English and Maths etc)
  • Facilities for mother and young children’s groups
  • Interfaith meetings, school and community visits
  • Counselling, welfare centre, social clubs, workshops, medical health clinic. football and cricket facilities

A new way forward

To address the above shortcomings we are looking to build a eco-friendly Mosque and Islamic Centre with modern facilities and we are again looking for a new piece of land that will help meet our requirements.

Current status

We currently have £200,000 in reserves and to be successful in our endeavour, we need your help to reach a target of £1.2 Million to secure a piece of land of similar value and size of 1.4 acres.


How you can support us

Any help from you is greatly appreciated and will, by God's permission, be your Sadaqa Jariya.
Please choose the options from below that best suits you (you can, of course, do more than one or should you wish, even all three):







“Those who spend their wealth (in God's cause) by night and by day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve”
(Al-Baqarah: 274)

  • 1
  • Halal and Virtuous 30%
    Tax Relief based Investment

    We are using UK Government approved Tax Relief schemes that enable you to support us and get 30% back from the UK Government through tax refunds and reductions, and of course your original amount back from us later.

    This is not a donation (sadaqa) nor is it a loan (qard) with interest (riba). It's a safe and virtuous halal investment (istithmar), with significant Government tax reliefs for you.

  • 3
    Qard Hasan
  • Interest-Free Loan

  • Lend us a goodly loan. Please complete this form and return it to the mosque.
  • Qard Hasan Donation Form


Please note: the examples and illustrations given below are for information purposes only.
They are not (and should not be regarded as) investment advice or as an offer, invitation or solicitation to buy or sell an investment.

Pay Income or Capital Gains Tax

If you pay any income or capital gains tax in the UK, no matter how little, and if you can give us money for at least 3 years (there's no minimum amount), then the UK Government will give you 30% of the amount you give to us, as a tax refund payment or tax reduction to you, subject to your actual tax liability (T&Cs apply).

Investment Example

As an example: if you give us £10,000 for three years and have paid (or are paying) tax equal to £5,000 over your financial year, the Government will give you that £5,000 back to you as a tax refund or reduction when you make a claim. And, after three years, your original £10,000 is returned to you in full by us. You can then, if you wish, make a fresh new investment and receive further tax reliefs (this time, 30%). Thus in effect, you would gain by 50% tax free over 3 years and 80% over 6 years.

Process Under Development – Please contact us for more details.

Please spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues and more importantly make du’a for the initiative.
Jazāk allāhu khayran for your support of our endeavour.

Wa’l-Salaamu ‘Alayka

The Committee, Chelmsford Muslim Society [UK Registered Charity No: 1139707]
Email :


The FAQs have been created to answer some of the common questions that people have regarding the new mosque. For the interest of transparency, we will admit from the outset that it is early days in the project and things undoubtedly will change and that we have provided the answers with the best of our ability with the information currently available. We urge all to be mindful of this and if there are any questions\answers that you wish to see added please do not hesitate in contacting the project group or by emailing For the success of the project first and foremost we need to beseech the help of Allaah ﷻand we must ensure that we come together as one community, not worrying about which country, sect or school of thought we belong to but as one ummah for the sake of Allaah ﷻ and our future generations.

We need a place that provides more than a prayer space as was the case during the Prophet’s ﷺ time ( A space which can help to facilitate better youth engagement, hold outreach\dawah programmes, have provisions for ladies’ prayer, Islamic studies and development, a library, funeral services and general community services for the benefit for all communities. We need a madrassa that can provide an all-encompassing Islamic education for our children.
The land and property will be owned by the Chelmsford Muslim Society.
Yes, the property has A3 permission and this includes places of worship i.e. a mosque.
Chelmsford has an increasing number of active and skilled brothers and sisters who are prepared to utilise their time their time for the sake of Allaah ﷻ. We believe we have the individuals required to make it a success but are happy for new volunteers to come forward with their time and skills.
It will be a new committee from all backgrounds with a new constitution. It will not be biased against any one community or those who have donated the most. The constitution and the committee will be chosen by the community. After the securing of the land further discussions will be held.
We have already set-up a new mosque fund account and this will all be used for the new centre. Money that we are borrowing from the existing mosque would returned in time.
We are hoping the community will come together and every household (400) donates £3000 we would be well on our way to achieving our goal. Along with this we will be taking advantage of the EIS government tax relief schemes which will encourage more people further afield than just Chelmsford to get involved. We hope to hold fundraising events, a social media campaign, Jumu’ah\Ramadhaan collections at mosques, along with engaging foreign embassies.

In terms of maintaining it we will continue the EIS scheme, revenue generating programs such as hiring space for community services, classes, sport activities and to businesses and from regular donations.

EIS is a venture capital scheme. It was designed to raise money to help grow businesses, it does this by offering (30%) tax relief to individual investors. Find out more about the scheme from the EIS presentation and at:

We are still finalising the EIS process so please contact us to discuss further.

This asset is our fall back if we ever need access to large amounts of cash. But the repayment plan is as follows:

  • The money you raise will be used to buy/build a physical asset
  • Start a major worldwide donation programme via an online fundraising platform
  • Start a low level recurring direct debit based donation programme from the locals (say, £50 a month)
  • Apply for major grants
  • Renew the EIS agreements after 3 years
  • Ask EIS investors to write off some of their loan as donations
  • Provide revenue generating services to the community as stated previously
  • Fall back on the asset if needs be via Shariah compliant loans

If this occurs, we will look at returning the loans for those who wish to have them returned (see below), however we hope that this isn’t the case so that we can be in strong position for any new property that will undoubtedly come up.  Note:

  1. Those that have enrolled in to the EIS scheme will need to remain in the scheme for 3 years
  2. Due to the admin involved those that have Gift Aided their donation and would like their money returned we will only accept requests from those donating £500+ (exceptional circumstances will of course be reviewed)
  3. Any donations £100+ that are not Gift Aided will be returned upon request

There will be solicitor costs of around £3k that we would have to settle.

Nothing has been agreed to date but one of the ideas is that Iqra will hire the facility and this will be another revenue stream for the centre.
The multiple colours represent the diversity of the Muslims now in Chelmsford. Gone are the days where the community mostly consisted of Bengali and Pakistani origin. We need to unite which the interlocking colours signify around the light of Islam which is demonstrated by the ‘I’. The ‘I’ can also be understood as a minaret.
As we are already seeing this will in-Sha’Allaah be a project that unites us for a bigger goal. A goal of providing a centre for our future generations and one that will benefit our Sadaqah Jariyah account immensely in-Sha’Allaah. A vision that will bring together not only Muslim communities but unite us with non-Muslims through community services, sport and events.

The community is desperate for more than a prayer space. We need a proper Islamic school, training, health, education and funeral services. There are community needs that are no longer being provided by the council and we will have an opportunity to establish these that will benefit all communities.

We are a small community but we are growing fast. We are seeing new Muslims moving to Chelmsford with different needs. This also means the council can be turned to for grants and support. We will be looking to have activities from outside organisations for the community but also add the needed income to make the centre commercially viable.

We will only truly succeed if we unite, unite on what binds us and what was taught by the Prophet ﷺand not focus on the smaller petty issues. No one community will have a monopoly on the centre, money will be accepted on the proviso that is purely for the sake of Allaah ﷻand not for power or status. Success can only come through pure intentions and foundations.
We plan to use the same trustees as the current mosque but if due to health or other reasons unknown this cannot be the case we will use or add those specified by the solicitor for example if someone is placing their property as security against the land.

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